Dinner Candle Trio - pick & mix
Dinner Candle Trio - pick & mix
Dinner Candle Trio - pick & mix
Dinner Candle Trio - pick & mix
Dinner Candle Trio - pick & mix
Dinner Candle Trio - pick & mix
Dinner Candle Trio - pick & mix

Dinner Candle Trio - pick & mix

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We create unique handmade candles - this listing is a pick and mix - you can pick any 3 styles of our dinner taper candles.

At Blokcandl HQ, each candle is lovingly made to order in London. Due to the their homemade nature some candles may differ slightly and no two will be exactly alike; measurements may also vary. We think this just adds to their character! Each candle is approximately 25cm high and 2.2cm at its base.

With a unique blend of quality waxes these candles will drip down the side of the candle and make patterns down the stem before falling onto the candle holder. They make a great bottle mountain and are also perfect for an art piece. Please note the candle is will fit into the top of a bottom with a gentle push. Just be careful!

We can make our candles to the colours of your choice - please see Pantone colour references and send us with the colours you would like.

Candle choices (you can mix & match, choose one of each style, or 2 of one style, one of another, remember to also pick your colours!)
1. Tokyo Spiral Candle
2. Paris Stripe Candle
3. Taper straight Candle

• 100% Soy wax, fully vegan, natural and biodegradable
• Pure cotton wick, un-bleached
• Candles are unscented
• Burn time - up to 1.5/2.5 hours
• This listing is for a trio of candles
• Height: Average - 25cm
• Width: Average - 2.2cm - 2.4cm
• Please note that due to the nature of soy wax, a slight chalk can gather on the candles. Please wipe clean with a finger or cold damp cloth.

Safety information:
• Never leave a burning candle unattended
• Leave 10cm distance between your burning candles
• Do not burn in a draft
• Place candle upright
• When moving and placing, do so carefully as this is a delicate item

Love Blokcandl x